Active feedback gait retraining alters foot pressure patterns and reduces knee adduction moment in an anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed population

The purpose of this study was to test the efficacy of a gait retraining method using active feedback to change the KAM by sensing lateral foot pressure and retraining to produce a medial weight transfer at the foot

Moticon doubles storage capacity for SCIENCE Sensor Insole model “Insole3”

Moticon launches an updated version of its SCIENCE Sensor Insole model Insole3 with doubled internal memory for on-board recording and allows extended standalone recordings.

Total Force Validation Study for Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insole (insole3)

The paper describes a single body-mounted sensor that integrates accelerometers, gyroscopes,
compasses, barometers, a GPS receiver, and a methodology to process the data for biomechanical studies.