Possibilities And Limits Of Smart Insoles For The Application In The Area Of Sports And Healthcare

Conclusion Smart insoles offer a great advantage for individual and flexible ambulant usage in the form of continuous control for postoperative patients during their rehabilitation process. Smart insoles are characterized by very good handling and high comfort. Their performance is limited by the sole’s thickness, the external influences such as e.g. water, humidity, sweat or […]

Biofeedback in Partial Weight Bearing: Validity of 3 Different Devices

Study Design Controlled laboratory study to assess criterion-related validity, with a crosssectional within-subject design. Background Patients with orthopaedic conditions have difficulties complying with partial weight-bearing instructions. Technological advances have resulted in biofeedback devices that offer real-time feedback. However, the accuracy of these devices is mostly unknown. Inaccurate feedback can result in incorrect lower-limb loading and […]

“Open-Go-Science” for better adaption and rehabilitation after fractures and operations of the lower extremities

Zusammenfassung Die Verordnung von Teilbelastung ist ein alltägliches und anerkanntes Behandlungskonzept in der Medizin. Es existieren allerdings keine verlässlichen Daten über die heilungsoptimierte BKK und Dauer der Teilbelastung. Um dies herauszufinden stellt die Protokollierung der BKK und Mobilität postoperativer Patienten unter Teilbelastung eine denkbare Lösung dar. Mit Hilfe dieser Daten sollte es möglich sein, Schlussfolgerungen […]