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Moticon Software Update 01.11.00

by | Oct 5, 2017


01.11.00 (software)
01.06.01 (insole firmware)

New Features

– New: Event function now also supports negative event values
– New: Option to hide standard deviation curves in total force widget
– New: Text import can import Eventlogger App files
– New: Function for importing dat files in all licenses
– New: Hyperlink in firmware update warning to online documentation
– New: Improved step detection for sprinting
– New: Usage statistics function
– New: Moticon Trial Account Management

Bug Fixes

– Fix: Failed video synchronization on MAC computer
– Fix: Wrong activity channel with Smart Recording
– Fix: Software crashes when invalid cloud file is found
– Fix: Patient meta data gets lost
– Fix: Wrong percentages in Pressure Values widget when pressure is in kPa (joint mode)
– Fix: IndexError when generating Gait Report
– Fix: Text export duplicates every 1000th line
– Fix: Wrong partial weight report error message
– Fix: Cannot resize video layout horizontally
– Fix: Histogram should accept only a positive number as weight threshold
– Fix: ValueError in Gait Report
– Fix: Dragging behavior broken in bargraph widget
– Fix: Video list layout does not fill the entire width
– Fix: Missing REC_STOP causes exception in recording decoding


Moticon only supports the latest software release of PC and mobile apps. All manuals, installers and support services refer to the current software release. Older software releases are not available for download on the Moticon Customer Portal.

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