Software Setup Manual

Quickstart - SCIENCE Mobile App

The Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App is available for Android only! For more information, refer to the system requirements in the FAQ.

You need an active email address linked to a Google account to activate the mobile app.

1. Contact Moticon support and send in the email address linked to your Google account. Moticon will register this email address for the closed Moticon SCIENCE user group.

2. In Google Play Store, search for “Moticon SCIENCE” and install the mobile app on your phone or tablet.

3. When you launch the mobile app, grant the following permissions:

Bluetooth service
Location service

Quickstart - SCIENCE Desktop Software

The Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software is available for Windows 10 (or higher) only! Refer to the system requirements in the FAQ.

4. Download and install the desktop software on your computer using the access/license credentials
indicated on the software deployment document attached to your product shipment.

Network Setup

You need to connect both your phone/tablet and your computer to the same local network. For troubleshooting, watch the detailed tutorial videos below.

5. Connect your phone/tablet and your computer to the same local network (options: local WiFi, wireless
access point, hotspot initiated by computer).

6. Find the IP (IPv4) address of your computer (e.g. ‘192.168.?.???’) in the system network/internet settings.

7. In the Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App, go to the ‘Settings’ section, enter the IP address of your computer.

8. Press the confirm button and check that the notification indicates a successful network connection.

Tutorial Videos

Watch our tutorial videos to learn more about software setup and network connections.

Software Updates

Stay up to date and receive new software features and performance enhancements.

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