Moticon: Launch of own coin cell battery charger for SCIENCE power supply!

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Reliable charging to full capacity for 100% use of runtime! Moticon design from scratch, USB powered, super small and optimized for PD2032 rechargeable coin cells.

The preferred power source for each Moticon SCIENCE sensor insole system is the rechargeable coin cell PD2032. It comes in a standard 2032 package, but has a considerably higher capacity (95mAh) than any other rechargeable coin cell on the market.

Over the last 4 years since we launched Moticon SCIENCE, we encountered that pretty much any coin cell charger on the market does not deliver full charge cycles for PD2032 coin cells. So we decided to design and make a Moticon coin cell charger that meets both reliable charge results and multi national power supply standards. No adapters for power outlets are needed any more since the coin cell charger is USB driven and can be plugged to any USB power source with a Micro-USB cable.

Available from January 2018.

For related information, visit our product page for accessories:




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