Leipzig: IAT Frühjahrsschule 2018

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19. Frühjahrsschule – Technologien im Leistungssport – IAT Leipzig

From May 14th to May 15th 2018 the “Institut für Angewandte Traingswissenschaft (IAT)” in Leipzig hosted its “19th Frühjahrsschule” with the title: Technology in professional sports. At this biannual national event Moticon met a lot of high class national trainers, scientists and students. Besides having a short company presentation Moticon was one of the well-chosen exhibitors. This was a great opportunity to get in close contact with all participants in the friendly and authentic facilities of the IAT. Social highlight was the BBQ evening for meeting with friends in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Thanks for the great interest in our products and all the interesting talks!


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