Munich: Annual Meeting of the Educational Center for Orthopaedic Shoe Technology

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Event Description

The guild of Bavarian orthopedic shoe technology has established an association to support science, research, education and further education in this professional field. The members of this association meet once a year to discuss urgent topics regarding orthopedic shoe technology. “OST 4.0- digital steps into the future” was the slogan of this year`s event and it took place in the BMW-World. Moticon participates for the first time. More than 200 Members attended this event, including many CEOs from orthopedic shoe companies and are thus potential customers for Moticon. Moticon made use of the possibility to give a presentation to the audiences, concerning the “ORTHO” product and how to measure foot dynamics completely wireless. This was a great opportunity to bring those potential customers closer to our product and to give them an idea about our software features and our vision mission.

The next day 2 hours workshop attended 10 potential customers. We did some exemplary measurements which are typical for the orthopedic shoe business. The attendees learned a lot about handling of the Moticon software and the advantages to measure foot dynamics wirelessly.   


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