PD_Manager: an Health platform for Parkison’s disease patient management

Keywords diseases, cognition, telemedicine, mobile computing, cardiology, temperautre sensors, accelerometers, smart phones, optical sensors, gyroscopes, bio-optics, decision support systems, patient monitoring

Abstract PD_Manager is a mobile health platform designed to cover most of the aspects regarding the management of Parkinson’s disease (PD) in a holistic approach. Patients are unobtrusively monitored using commercial wrist and insole sensors paired with a smartphone, to automatically estimate the severity of most of the PD motor symptoms. Besides motor symptoms monitoring, the patient’s mobile application also provides various non-motor self-evaluation tests for assessing cognition, mood and nutrition to motivate them in becoming more active in managing their disease. All data from the mobile application and the sensors is transferred to a cloud infrastructure to allow easy access for clinicians and further processing. Clinicians can access this information using a separate mobile application that is specifically designed for their respective needs to provide faster and more accurate assessment of PD symptoms that facilitate patient evaluation. Machine learning techniques are used to estimate symptoms and disease progression trends to further enhance the provided information. The platform is also complemented with a decision support system (DSS) that notifies clinicians for the detection of new symptoms or the worsening of existing ones. As patient’s symptoms are progressing, the DSS can also provide specific suggestions regarding appropriate medication changes.


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