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Moticon Software Update 01.10.00

by | Jul 24, 2017


01.10.00 (software)
01.06.01 (insole firmware)

New Features

– New: Contains new sensor insole firmware 01.06.01
– New: Add double support time to gait report spread sheet export
– New: Add step duration to gait report spread sheet export
– New: In gait report, average gait line end points now defined by median instead of mean
– New: Improved detection of gait style in step detection (walking/running/sprinting)
– New: Function to delete step and jump event channels which are generated during report generation
– New: Warn user when 100 Hz data is used for gait report
– New: Harmonization of insole outline size and orientation in different widgets
– New: Simplify and clarify setting of automatic zeroing
– New: In gait report, change wording “Mean gait cadence (spm)” to “Mean gait cadence (strides per minute)”

Bug Fixes

– Fix: Stopping of recording takes long time or even fails
– Fix: Bad scaling of histograms in partial weight report PDF export
– Fix: User warning when no write permission for report PDF
– Fix: Error message for cloud upload failure due to storage quota
– Fix: Errors about corrupt video frames even if video can be correctly imported
– Fix: Video import on OSX fails
– Fix: Wrong units legend in report pressure values widget after compare mode
– Fix: Missing units indication in pressure values widget in Record and Analyze
– Fix: Color legend of 2D/3D widget differs from pressure values widget in Analyze
– Fix: Pressure values widget cannot handle differential measurements
– Fix: 2D/3D legend does not work for differential measurements

Insole Firmware
– Fix: Slow recording stopping behavior



Moticon only supports the latest software release of PC and mobile apps. All manuals, installers and support services refer to the current software release. Older software releases are not available for download on the Moticon Customer Portal.



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