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Moticon Software Update 01.08.00

by | Jun 8, 2017




New Features

– New: Renamed OpenGo to Moticon Software
– New: Global settings for changing units
– New: Record mode dropdown directly accessible in Record screen (used to be in Settings)
– New: Pressure values widget in Record and Analyze
– New: In report compare view, always assign “A” to older and “B” to younger measurement
– New: Stacked bars widgets in report section
– New: Box plot widgets in report section
– New: Bar graph widget in gait, static, and symmetry report
– New: Multi-widgets in all reports
– New: Total force box plots for gait, jump, static, and symmetry report
– New: Joint mode of sensor values widget in report section
– New: Indication of stance/swing phase in gait report acceleration widget
– New: Harmonize visual appearence of all widgets
– New: Additional gait report result for mean of absolute maximum of the total force during all stance phases
– New: Additional jump report result for rate of force development, take-off velocity, reactive strength index
– New: Improved step detection for running
– New: Improved detection of low-load steps and very slow walking
– New: Improved jump detection
– New: In jump report numeric data widget, structure results by leg(s) used for jump-off
– New: Settings dialog for customer logo in report PDFs
– New: Settings to automatically open exported PDF
– New: Range extender function (in connection with smartphone)
– New: Indication when sensor insole self-test detects sensor damage
– New: Text import can now import into a folder, creating a new measurement
– New: Faster video file handling
– New: Improved QR code scanning algorithm
– New: Combine left/right download dialog into a single progress bar
– New: Animate connection quality icon if searching
– New: Visual improvements (colors, linewidths, opacities, wording)
– New: Function for automatic cutting of videos to measurement time span
– New: Sensor setup 20Hz TF COP ACC TEMP with total force, COP, acceleration and temperature
– New: Add per-step gait report results to spreadsheet export
– New: Improved speed performance of gait report
– New: Add new fields in gait report spreadsheet export
– New: Setting to disable borders in 2D/3D insole widgets
– New: Cluster feature for pressure sensors
– New: Maximum pressure channel
– New: Fullscreen function
– New: PDF export for OSX if SVG engine is available
– New: Simplified confirmation of deletion of measurements
– New: Faster text export for Smart Recordings
– New: Improved user warning when other programs block ANT stick
– New: New default directory for dat import function
– New: Text import of insole data
– New: In gait report, export all individual steps to spreadsheet with full step information
– New: User warning when creating reports with 100 Hz data
– New: Make report generation abortable


Bug Fixes

– Fix: Turning off the recording timer does not deactivate it
– Fix: Remove unused minimum pressure setting in pressure widget
– Fix: Issues with renaming measurements in the file tree
– Fix: Exception when comparing two measurements downloaded from cloud
– Fix: Unicode error when uploading to cloud
– Fix: Channel handling when concatenating measurements
– Fix: Recursion issue in available webcam resolutions
– Fix: Remember line graph line settings when switching between sections
– Fix: Bug in partial weight report with emtpy histogram
– Fix: Exception in balance report with single-sided data
– Fix: Installer improvements when software is currently running
– Fix: Issue in firmware recovery function
– Fix: Issue with legend in pressure distribution widget in PDF export
– Fix: Incorrect display of negative float values received via UDP input
– Fix: Chinese font errors in PDF export
– Fix: Exceptions when using webcam
– Fix: Exception when cropping a Smart Recording with displayed steps channel
– Fix: Report export fails with quotation marks in measurement name
– Fix: Reports fail with external-only measurements
– Fix: Left/right asynchrony with certain recordings
– Fix: Concatenate fails with empty marker group
– Fix: Activity for single frame measurements
– Fix: Ribbon bar is not refreshed correctly
– Fix: Wrap text in labels
– Fix: Autoscaling in jump time scatter plot displays negative values
– Fix: Patient name gets lost in partial weight report input screen
– Fix: Location of control buttons for report pages
– Fix: Joint legend icons in COP widget are confusing
– Fix: In report widgets, joint/split mode button is always initialized to joint mode
– Fix: In gaitline joint mode the A/B and left/right legend is missing
– Fix: Error when trying to work on a read-only file



Moticon only supports the latest software release of PC and mobile apps. All manuals, installers and support services refer to the current software release. Older software releases are not available for download on the Moticon Customer Portal.



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