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Moticon Software Update 01.03.01

by | Aug 5, 2015




New Features

Major usability improvements and simplified workflow
Configurable dashboards in Record screen and Analyze screen
New report architecture with configurable dashboards and interactive data analysis
Compare/Single view button in Analyze screen
2-seconds-zoom function in playbar
Bar widget for interactive partial weight bearing, including threshold and corridor limits
Audio feedback in bar widget when bar is above threshold
Event widget for adding event markers during data recording
Event function for adding, editing and removing events in existing data
Edit Channels tool for managing data channels (edit name, delete, change start time)
Go file import function for merging two Go files
New  100 Hz recording mode “100Hz Selected Sensors”
In UDP import, new unit “N*m”
Let max/mean functions operate on all available data channels, including total force and COP
Report comparison functions for comparing the report results of two measurements
Toggle between split mode and joint mode in report widgets
PDF export of user-defined report pages
Export of report results to Excel spreadsheet
In Gait Report, analysis and visualization of weight bearing histogram
Threshold value for weight bearing histogram
In Jump Report, analysis and visualization of jump height
Static report
In Balance Report, automatic detection of stance phases
Widget holding all numeric data as values (available in all reports)
Widget for adding textual annotations (available in all reports)
Visualization of foot axis and metatarsal axis in insole widget
PRS export
Extend text file import for event text
Text export for events
Improvements for touch screens, including “Select Multiple” checkbox in file tree
Open settings on icon click in status bar
Use Ctrl-s to save current file
Fullscreen mode by using F11 key
Multi-language support for localization
French and German translation
Display of insole serial numbers
Show ANT stick number in license manager
Improved readability of default measurement names
L/R labels for 2D Pressure widget
In 2D/3D pressure widget, minimum value can be set to avoid flickering
Warn user if pairing different insole sizes
Wait dialog during insole zeroing
Insoles connect wait dialog
Improved main menu
Remember folder structure across screens
Improved tooltips
Improved firmware upload dialog



  1. PC-App: Restore 2D/3D Pressure widget configuration
  2. PC-App: Webcam improvements
  3. PC-App: Fix issue when multiple webcams are available
  4. PC-App: Fixed insole connect/disconnect bug
  5. PC-App: Improved jump detection in jump report
  6. PC-App: Speed-up of report generation
  7. PC-App: Avoid duplicate insole names
  8. PC-App: Storage of data units V and ms
  9. PC-App: Improve UDP import usability by removing group “0.” from UDP channel description
  10. PC-App: Improve robustness of QR code filming by increasing the refresh rate
  11. PC-App: Rename after cut problem
  12. PC-App: Data type issue in text import
  13. PC-App: Video import exception
  14. PC-App: Unicode errors
  15. PC-App: Clear selection in linegraph after cut/crop
  16. PC-App: Set Go file as unsaved when video sync is changed using lock tool



Moticon only supports the latest software release of PC and mobile apps. All manuals, installers and support services refer to the current software release. Older software releases are not available for download on the Moticon Customer Portal.



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