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Moticon Software Update 01.02.01

by | Mar 1, 2015




New Features

Webcam functionality for live captures and recordings
Marker tool for setting manual markers during live captures and recordings
Video screen for organizing all videos contained in go-file
Interactive video re-synchronization tool (“video lock”)
Scan for barcode right when starting video import
Standalone UDP import for recording (without parallel live capture)
Merge tool for merging two or more measurements into one
Faster start/stop of recordings
In text export of gait report, add heel strike time and column headings
Improved feedback during start of recording
In firmware upload, warn if insole is currently recording
Show recording type (normal/smart) in list view
Set default value range for insole widgets to 0…8 N/cm2
Improved readability of channel names in text export
Append unit to channel for text export
Toggle replay/pause in playbar using space key
Use root directory as path for downloaded recordings
Use Desktop as default workpath
Sort lines in tooltip the same way as in configuration screen
Remove recording start/stop/erase timeouts


Bug Fixes

  1. PC-App: Bugfix in maximum pressure tool
  2. PC-App: Bugfixes in import of recording data (caused import errors in rare cases)
  3. PC-App: Running processes after video import (caused UDP errors)
  4. PC-App: Fixed manual input of video start time when there is no barcode
  5. PC-App: Bugfix of a barcode scan bug
  6. PC-App: Set “imported” flag correctly on measurements with UDP
  7. PC-App: Make video import and webcam work with special characters in path
  8. PC-App: Bugfix of recent file list with special characters
  9. PC-App: Allow reports in folders with special characters
  10. PC-App: Improved line graph for lines with only some values (e.g. activities)



Moticon only supports the latest software release of PC and mobile apps. All manuals, installers and support services refer to the current software release. Older software releases are not available for download on the Moticon Customer Portal.



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