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Moticon listed as #1 vendor by Myonex for outcome assessment based on gait analysis

Note Moticon strengthens its ties with the pharma industry as vendor of wearable technology used for outcome assessment in pharma studies related to gait and is now listed by medical supplies specialist Myonex  in list of preferred products.

The newly established business relationship goes in line with a variety of undisclosed clinical trials and phase 2 studies being carried out by major pharma companies using Moticon products and which are supported by professional clinical study services provided by Myonex.

About Moticon Since 2012, Moticon has been revolutionizing the market for professional measurement technology in elite sports and clinical research with its wireless sensor insoles and software components for gait and training analysis.

Today, Moticon is the leading innovation driver for over 200 outstanding medical technology companies and research institutions in 51 countries.

As an industrial company with a strong commitment to in-house development and production as well as uncompromising customer service, we are constantly sounding out the limits of what is feasible to serve our customers with the best solution.

The key to this success is our excellent core team, which we are constantly expanding with outstanding and motivated talent.

We are comitted to produce the world’s best sensor soles now and in the future to support research and medical treatment of patients and athletes in the best possible way.


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