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Sensor Insoles




training and treatment

We empower physicians, trainers and therapists to make the best decision for each individual athlete and patient, based on objective biomechanical evaluations of lower limb capabilities.

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Outcome assessment speeded up

Moticon ReGo is tailored for the daily routine. Anywhere, anytime. It supports your decision making with objective outcome metrics and facilitates time efficient functional screening and performance monitoring.

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Engaging athletes and patients

Moticon ReGo is the perfect tool for athletes and patients to getting involved. Utilize biofeedback and telerehabilitation features to motivate patients or help your athletes on their journey to return to play and to keep track of performance.

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The gait lab in your shoe

Get out of the lab and into real life. Moticon ReGo allows clinical grade testing with inpatients, at home and on the playground. It is the only product on the market that combines highly accurate load measurements with timing and movement readings in an unmatched thin and flexible sensor insole.

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