Insole3’s next step: new spatial parameters released!

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New spatial parameters stride length, distance and walking speed open new area of possiblities for real life gait analysis

Moticon makes a literally huge step beyond pressure sensing in a first of a series of updates, now fully exploiting its new insole3 capabilities including a 6-axis inertial sensor.

After an intense development and testing phase, 3 new spatial parameters can now be automatically computed with the Moticon SCIENCE Gait Report software module:
1. Stride length (m)
2. Walking Speed (m/s)
3. Walking distance (m)

This brings Moticon’s Insole3 closer to replacing fully fletched gait laboratories for many purposes, specifically when real life motion sequences are a matter of interest. A second area of application are highly standardized outcome tests such as the 3 minute walk test. A number of large international pharma firms have recently started working with Moticon SCIENCE products and require basic spatial parameters in their protocol in additiona to pressure distribution and force based gait parameters as these are included in most validated tests already.

More spatial parameters will follow, but the current activities aim to further validate the accuracy of the three new parameters under a variety of different conditions such as limping. So far, the detection algorithms are optimized for different walking styles in 50m tests as well as for the 3 and 6 minute walk test. A typical accuracy of +2.4m (SD 2.5%) was found for 50m walk tests (n=24). Moticon is also working on a whitepaper with conventional, marker based video analysis as ground truth.


Moticon SCIENCE Gait Report features

Moticon SCIENCE Insole3 overview

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