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After 4500+ produced SCIENCE Sensor Insoles since our launch in 2013, we are proud to present some radical improvements for our new products.


All New

Optimized Outline

Based on customer feedback, we have updated the outline shape to perfectionize the fit into almost any shoe

+ 100% Sample Rate

Now 100 Hz are availalbe for the complete sensor setup including 16 pressure sensors and 6-axis gyroscope

+23% Pressure Sensors

+15% Area Coverage

Instead of 13, the new product now has 16 pressure sensors with all improved signal stability and an increased area coverage from 50% up to an average of 65%

+6 Axis Gyro

Instead of a 3-axis accelerometer we now included a full scope 6-axis gyro to allow processing step length and other important spatial parameters

250% Range Gain

We included the latest Bluetooth standard instead of ANT. Gives us awesome wireless connection  stability and significant increase of range

30x Larger Bandwidth

An impressive bandwidth gain comes along with Bluetooth and reduces data transmission time to a fraction

Rock Solid

We claim to offer the best professional wearable sensor insole for real-life testing – We’re able to deliver it

+90% Durability

An all improved package quality now allows 100km + running or equivalent action

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