Can I synchronize Moticon SCIENCE data with other systems?

There are a 3 options how you can synchronize data from Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles with other systems’ data like EMG, force plates or IMUs.

  1. Sync external data using Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software
    UDP protocol import or TXT import of 3rd party raw data (EMG, IMU, etc.)
    UDP import works in real-time
  2. Sync Moticon data using 3rd party software
    UDP protocol export or TXT export of raw data
    UDP export works in real-time
    For any export, Moticon Software is needed
  3. Create trigger signals in Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software
    UDP protocol import function to import an external trigger signal (e.g. TTL)
    Data synchronization can be processed in the aftermath according to 1.


Moticon SCIENCE measurement data contains an absolute time stamp which allows you to trim data offline using timing information. Contact our support team to get application specific information about synchronizing data.

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