Connection Settings

Any data transfer from the on-board memory of the sensor insoles or Live Capture of measurements requires a network connection between the mobile/tablet and the endpoint computer.


Learn more about connectivity and the different options to connect your mobile/tablet and PC. Also, check our video tutorial on data transfer to computer and live data transmission.

Enter the IP address of the endpoint computer running the *Moticon SCIENCE.

The default Port number is 9999 and should not be changed unless there are port conflicts with other services running on the endpoint computer.

The IP address of this device is for information only, and may help in finding out the correct endpoint computer IP address (must be sharing the same local network, i.e. the IP address prefix should be equal).


Step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting is provided in Connection Setup (WiFi).

User Interface Settings

The Pressure distribution widget is quite resource-demanding and may not run smoothly on slower devices. It can also affect the data transmission, and should be turned off if such problems occur. When turned off the Intensity Widget is shown.

Functional Settings

The Recording data flush option can avoid data loss caused by coin cell removal or depletion by regularly flushing the recorded data. Since up to 0.3 seconds of data are lost during each flush, the flush interval can be set by the user or even turned off.

Synchronization Settings

To sync the Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles with other systems two options are available. For simple video synchronization check the Video Synchronization widget.

The Beep on start/stop option plays a acoustic notification when the measurement starts.


The volume of the notification is dependent on the phones notification volume settings.

The Flash on start/stop option flashes the camera flashlight when the measurement starts.