Sensor Insoles


In this section the sensor insoles are managed. You can select a pair to work with, add a new pair of sensor insoles, delete and rename sensor insoles.

Sensor insoles list

This window displays a list of all sensor insole systems which are already paired with the mobile device. To learn more about pairing, go here.

Before you can start acquiring data with a sensor insole system, you have to select the system from this list. The selected system is marked blue.


To select the pair of sensor insoles to be used, just click on the desired entry in the sensor insoles list. A blue checkmark indicates the current selection.


To rename a pair of sensor insoles tap on the pencil button on the right.


Deleting a pair of sensor insoles is done by swiping from the left to the right. After deleting, you have to pair the sensor insoles with your mobile phone again to work with them.



To allow communication between a pair of sensor insoles and the mobile phone used with the Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App, a pairing process must be carried out. The pairing is a one time process which allows a quick connect to sensor insole systems without additional Bluetooth pairing routines.

Moticon SCIENCE video tutorial

Check our video tutorial on the pairing process.



Make sure you only have 1 pair of sensor insoles active. Remove coin cell batteries from other sensor insole systems to avoid mixing up pairs.

  1. Make sure you are in the Sensor Insoles section.

  2. Click on the "+" button.

  3. The Pairing window will pop up.

  4. Shake the pair of sensor insoles you want to pair. They will appear as left and right devices in the Pairing window.

  5. Select one sensor insole for each side to create a new pair of sensor insoles.

  6. Click on "Pair name" and type in a name for the sensor insole system.

  7. Press the confirmation button to store the pairing settings.

  8. Your new pair of sensor insoles is now listed on the Sensor Insoles list view.