Record Section

This section is the main control unit for the sensor insoles. Setting up the record settings and labeling are done here as well as starting and stopping the measurement. Live data from the Sensor Insoles is displayed in the widgets.


The following picture shows an overview of the Record Section with the standard wording used in this documentation:


Widgets display a preview of the data received by the mobile phone when connected to sensor insoles. The data preview is a live stream sent with a fixed sample rate of 25 Hz and independent from your actual data recording settings.

Widget Widget Name Description
Pressure Distribution Shows a 2-dimensional heat map of the pressure distribution. The color scheme ranges from white (no pressure) to dark red (high pressure). The widget can be turned on in the app settings.
Note: In this widget, you can carry out the zeroing.
Intensity Displays the load intensity acting on the sensor insole. The intensity ranges from 1 line (low load) to 3 lines (high load). This widget is disabled by default. It can be enabled by turning off the Pressure Distribution widget in the app settings.
Note: In this widget, you can carry out the zeroing.
Total Force The bar graph displays the total force in Newton acting on the left and right sensor insole. Use this widget to turn on [feedback] for e.g. weightbearing. More information in the Total Force widget settings
Acceleration The bar graphs display the acceleration of the left and right sensor insole in X/Y/Z direction.
Video Synchronization The barcode must be filmed about 4-5 seconds to allow automated synchronization of sensor insole data with external videos. One or more video channels can be used.
Further information on external video synchronization

Total Force widget settings

The Total Force widget is the only widget that has further options to adapt its behavior and appearance.

Feedback Settings

You can get direct feedback from the sensor insoles on the smartphone if a definable force limit is exceeded. There are two options vibration and acoustic feedback.

By default the feedback is disabled.

  1. Enable it by pressing the feedback button.

  2. Adjust the limits by sliding the limits upwards and downwards. The limits can be adjusted for each side independently.

  3. Pressing the feedback button again activates the feedback.

    3.1 The first option is the acoustic feedback indicated by the speaker symbol.
    3.2 Change to the vibration feedback by pressing the speaker button.
    3.3 Now the indicator shows the vibration feedback.

  4. Turn of the feedback by pressing the vibration button.

Feedback sound and vibration

The feedback sound and vibration are dependent on the phone notification volume and vibration settings. To change the sound the notification sound of the phone has to be change.
If you get no feedback make sure the phone is unmuted.

Side Selector

With this button can be selected wether only one ore both sides are shown.


In order to avoid offsets in the pressure data of your sensor insoles, a manual zeroing should be carried out before starting a measurement. The intensity widget in the Record section allows manual zeroing by simply tapping on the left and right sensor insole pictograms.

Moticon SCIENCE video tutorial

Check our video tutorial on the zeroing process.

Zeroing Instruction

  1. Make sure no pressure is applied on your foot when performing a zeroing. To do so, lift the foot of the ground in a standing or sitting position.
  2. Tap on the corresponding insole of the lifted foot in the Pressure Distribution or Intensity widget.
  3. Repeat this step for the opposite foot.

Automatic Zeroing

The firmware of the Sensor insoles additionally runs an automatic zeroing algorithm. This does not replace the need for manual zeroing before starting a measurement, but ensures continuous zeroing during operation.

Starting a measurement

The start button is used for starting measurements. It is a toggle button which switches to "Stop" once a measurement is started. Pressing "Stop" will stop a measurement.