App Layout & Navigation


This chapter highlights the Info Header and the Main Menu. The Info Header contains important status information while the main menu is structured according to the main functions to facilitate the data acquisition workflow.


The mobile app offers six sections. Each section is described separately in this documentation.

There is also a direct link to this documentation available in the navigation drawer

Record Section Measurement Section Sensor Insoles Section Firmware Update Section Settings Section About Section
Main control unit for the sensor insoles. Recording settings and labeling. Starting and stopping the measurement. Live data is displayed. Manage measurements stored on the sensor insoles. Deleting measurements and transfer to computer. Select pair of sensor insoles. Add new pair of sensor insoles. Update the firmware of the sensor insoles Setting up end-point connection to PC. Contact Information, Support and Licenses

The sections can be selected by opening the main menu and selecting the respective list entry.

The main menu can be opened by swiping from the left edge (1) or by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen (2).

1 2

Info Header

The info header contains basic status information.

Number Wording Description
1 Insole Pair Name & Size Displays name of selected sensor insole system and the size of the system. Check the pairing process for how to pair sensor insoles.
2 Record mode & Sample rate Shows the selected record mode and sample rate. Those can be selected in the record settings.
3 Connection Indicator Displays the Bluetooth (wireless) connection status a single sensor insole in use. The indicators are separately displayed for left and right sensor insoles. In search mode, the wireless icon is flashing.

Once the sensor insole is connected, the wireless icon turns full white.
4 Storage Usage Indicator Visually indicates the memory usage of a single sensor insole.
An empty memory is indicated by an empty frame.

A white rectangular icon fills up the frame when the memory gets filled.

A full memory is indicated by a white rectangle which completely covers the frame area. The memory usage icon is then flashing.
5 Battery indicator The battery indicator shows the battery's stage of charge.
6 Serial Number The serial number is a unique identifier for each sensor insole.