Getting Started


The Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App is available for Android only. An iOS App is planned in the future. It is exclusively provided via the Google Play Store.

Download and Installation

In order to download the Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App a Google account is needed. To unlock the download link please provide your e-mail address connected to the Google account to with your order number.

After getting a confirmation e-mail click on the link and join our program. You are now able to download the App from the Google Play store.

  1. Open the Google Play Store and log-in with the Google account you provided to us.
  2. Search for "Moticon SCIENCE".

  3. Press Install.

  4. The App will now be downloaded and installed in the background.

  5. In order to receive always the latest updates please make sure that "enable auto update" is selected.

First Start

Upon first start of the Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App, a permission messages pops up.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth. If you haven't already enabled Bluetooth the App will ask every time you start it to turn on Bluetooth. This is mandatory in order to connect to your sensor insoles.

  2. Turn on WiFi. This is mandatory in order to transfer previously recorded measurements to an endpoint computer or in order to perform a Live Capture measurement which transmits live data to an endpoint computer.

  3. Location Permission. The mobile app requires this permission in order to search for Bluetooth devices. The Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles are Bluetooth Devices.

  4. Battery usage. In order to guarantee best performance and seamless connection to your Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles, the mobile app requires permission to run in background which is connected to disabling power save modes.

  5. Send user data. Please help us improving the Moticon SCIENCE by sending anonymous usage data.

System Requirements

The Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App is currently only available for Android OS.

Find the system requirements here.