Firmware Update


This section allows you to update the firmware of sensor insoles.

Firmware updates are updates to the Moticon operating system which is installed on each sensor insole. In order to give you the best user experience possible, the firmware of the Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles are updated as we add improvements or new features. A changelog of updates can be found in the Product Release Notes provided via E-Mail and on our website. It includes information about new features, fixes, changes, known issues and our development pipeline.

Moticon SCIENCE video tutorial

Check our video tutorial on firmware updates.



Each sensor insole's firmware has to be updated separately. It is not possible to update a pair of sensor insoles at the same time.

  1. Switch to the Firmware Update section.

  2. Shake the sensor insole you want to update.
  3. The sensor insole appears in the list of active devices.

  4. Select the sensor insole from the list of active devices.
  5. The firmware update will start automatically


Wait until the firmware update is completed before you move the sensor insole away. An interruption of the wireless connection may result in an incorrect firmware update.


In some cases, the firmware update cannot be carried out on the first try. In this case, take out the coin cell battery and re-enter it to give it another try.