This section explains in detail the video synchronization in the Analyze section of Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software.


Some optional functions may not be available, depending on your type of license.

Import video into measurement

To synchronize a video with your measurement, please follow the instructions below:


In case you took a webcam video, please skip the steps 2 - 8 since the file is automatically stored in the Video Folder.

  1. Go to the Video Folder, located in the measurement tree.
  2. Press 'Import Video'.
  3. A dialog pops up, asking you to 'Select Video'.
  4. Once you selected the video, the dialog looks like this:
  5. Select an import quality ('Low', 'Medium', 'High').


    The file size of your go file mainly depends on the video quality.

  6. Click on 'Import Video'.

  7. The software automatically scans the video for the filmed barcode.


    In case no barcode is found, the software will give you a warning. Click 'OK' to import the video anyway, and adjust the starting time of the video manually. We recommend to perform a sync movement (jumping with both legs, standing still for a few seconds,...) to facilitate the synchronization of video and measurement. This is particularly advisable in bright sunlight conditions, when detecting the barcode filmed from a reflective laptop screen may fail.

  8. Once the import has finished, the video will appear in the list box on the right:

  9. The arrow next to the video's name can be used to fold out all measurements which match the video's timestamp.
  10. To display the video in your measurement, make sure the checkbox of the respective measurement is checked.
  11. Go to the measurement by clicking on it in the measurement tree.
  12. Choose e.g. the dashboard layout 'Bottom Split' and display the widgets 'LineGraph', 'Pressure 2D' and 'Video'.
  13. ow the video can be displayed synchronously with your measurement.

Video Settings

In some cases it might be necessary to change the video settings. For example:

  • Changing POV: You filmed the measurement from more perspectives and want to display all these videos synchronously with your measurement.

  • Changing start date and time: You didn't film the barcode with your digital camera, and want to manually synchronize video and measurement.

  • Changing the offset: You want to fine-tune the synchronous replay of the video and your measurement.

Changing POV

To allow the synchronization of e.g. two videos with your measurement, you have to use different Points of View (POV):

  1. Import both videos you want to synchronize as explained above.
  2. Change the 'POV' of the second video to '2'.
  3. Confirm your change by pressing the 'Enter' key.
  4. Your list box should look like this now:
  5. Go to the measurement dashboard.
  6. Choose e.g. the dashboard layout 'Bottom Split' and display the widgets 'Line Graph', 'Video' and 'Video'. Up to now, the same video is displayed twice.
  7. Move your mouse cursor over the right video widget and click on the camera icon in the upper left corner.
  8. A dialog pops up. Change the POV to '2'.
  9. Save your changes by pressing 'OK'.
  10. Now, both videos are displayed synchronously with your measurement.


If you want to display even more videos, assign each video a different POV. Make sure that the POV you entered in the video folder is identical with the one in the video widget in order to display it.

Changing start date and time

You may need to change the start date and time of a video in case you didn't film the barcode displayed in the Video Sync widget.

To change the start time of a video, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Video Folder.
  2. Select the respective video in the list box on the right.
  3. Click on the 'Start time'
  4. A dialog pops up:
  5. You can now change the video's start date and time according to the date and time when your measurement starts.


    The lower text box is just another representation of the start date and time.

  6. Save your settings by clicking 'OK'.

Changing offset


Usually you only have to change the offset if you didn't film the barcode while recording. To facilitate this tuning process, we recommend to perform some kind of sync motion (jumping with both legs, double-leg stance for a few seconds) before the measurement itself. This is due to the fact that this kind of data can be easily recognized in the measurement afterwards.

If you want to fine-tune the synchronicity of video and measurement, the Lock button can be used:

  1. Mouse over the video and click on the lock button in the upper right corner of the widget.
  2. An orange text overlay indicates that the video is currently locked.
  3. Move the cursor of the Line Graph to the point in time which represents the frozen image of the video in the data.
  4. Now press the lock button once again to unlock the video.
  5. A dialog pops up, asking you to confirm the offset.
  6. Click 'OK' to save the changes.


    The offset displayed in this dialog is the relative offset shift between two changes. The absolute offset for each measurement containing the video can be found (and changed) in the Video Folder.

  7. Replay the measurement to verify synchronicity of video and measurement. If this is not the case, please repeat the process.

If there is a time overlap between a video and multiple measurements, the video will be replayed in all these measurements. It is not necessary to import the video multiple times. Even in this case, the video offset (set using the lock button as described above) can be set independently for each overlapping measurement.


Export video

In the Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software it is possible to export a video. This might be very useful e.g. if you did a webcam recording and want to store the video file separately.

To export a video from a '.go' file, click on the Export button next to the file name in the Video Folder. Select a path and file name and press 'Save'.


The export video file type is '.webm'.


Delete video

To remove videos from the '.go' file, press the respective Delete button in the Video Folder. It is located at the right side of each video file displayed in the list box.