Report Layout

The main difference of a Report's dashboard configuration compared to the other sections (Record, Analyze) is the possibility to define a multi-page dashboard.


Some optional functions may not be available, depending on your type of license.

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It is possible to define different dashboard layouts for each report page. To navigate and add or remove report pages, use the buttons located in the Control Bar.

Furthermore, two other special functions can be found here: the PDF and the spreadsheet export.


Using the function Print the report to PDF will export the entire report to one PDF. The function Export report data to a spreadsheet file will export all numeric report data that can reasonably be exported. It is therefore more comprehensive than the information displayed in the Statistics widget.

For every report type a default layout is displayed in the beginning. Once you configured the multi-page dashboard for each report type, your customized layout will be permanently stored. This simplifies standardized, repetitive analyses.

Move on to the section report types to learn more about the different kinds of reports and their widgets.

Your logo can be put in the header of the PDF report export. The file type must be PNG.

To include the logo in the PDFs, click on the Settings button in the Report section. Make sure to navigate to Logo in the 'General' tab. Use the button 'Select File' to choose your company logo in the file explorer and close the dialog with 'OK'.