Comparing measurements in Report


Some optional functions may not be available, depending on your type of license.

The Report section allows you to compare two measurements, similar to the Compare View in Analyze.

To select two measurements either use the Multiple Selection Checkbox at the bottom of the Measurement Tree or hold the 'Ctrl' or Shift key while selecting the measurements.

Choose the appropriate report type and press the 'Generate Report' button to compare two of your measurements.

The configuration of the report's dashboard is explained in Layout. For each widget (except 'Annotations', 'Statistics', 'Total Force (Boxplot)', 'Timing (Gait Phase)') you can choose whether you want to display the data in Split or Joint View. To toggle between the two, use the respective button in the upper right corner of the widget.

Split View of the Gait Line widget:

Joint View of the Gait Line widget: