Range Extender

The range extender can be used to increase the range of connectivity for a live capture measurement.

It enables connecting sensor insoles to a mobile client (smartphone or tablet) to directly forward the live data to a computer with Moticon Science Software via some kind of network (usually WiFi, theoretically mobile web works as well).
The only requirement to be met is that both devices have to be in the same local network or a route of the network to allow direct communication via their IP address.

Please follow these instructions to set up the range extender functionality:

  1. Go to the section Record of Moticon Science Software.
  2. In Settings go to the Extender section.
  3. Make note of the port id (default 8888).


    Below is a list of currently assigned IP addresses of the PC shown. This is purely informative and meant to facilitate later configurations on your mobile device. One of the indicated IP addresses is usually the address which must be entered in the mobile app later on.

  4. Close the settings by pressing 'OK'.

  5. Start the Moticon Mobile App on your mobile device (smartphone/tablet).
  6. Pair your sensor insoles.
    Pairing within the mobile app works basically the same as in the software. In case you aren't familiar with this process, have a look at this section.
  7. Connect the paired sensor insoles in "Range Extender Mode".
  8. Click on the Settings Button.
  9. Enter the port id (step 3) and IP address of your computer.
  10. Click again on Settings.
  11. The mobile app will now connect to the sensor insoles.
  12. Go back to the desktop software.
  13. Click on the lower part of the Connect button to select 'Range Extender' in the dropdown menu.
  14. Now, press the upper part of the button to establish a connection to your mobile device.
  15. Once both connections (sensor insoles to mobile app; mobile app to software) are established, preview data is depicted within the Moticon Science Software.
  16. Click on Record to start (and stop) a measurment.