Installation & License

This chapter focuses on the steps required before working with the software.

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The Moticon Science Software can be exclusively downloaded from our homepage. Please visit and sign in with your log-in details.

For the software installer, please go to Customer Portal > Download Center > Software

In case you get a notification email concerning software updates, the update can be downloaded here as well.

Installing software

When the download has finished, please follow the instructions below to correctly install the Moticon Science Software:

  1. Double-click on the installer file to start the installation


    If an older Moticon Science Software version is already installed, a dialog will pop up asking you to uninstall the older version before installing the new version. Please uninstall the older version by clicking 'OK'.

  2. Please press 'I Agree' in the License Agreement pop-up window.

  3. Choose the following installation options and press 'Next >'


    The options "DirectX", "USB-Download driver" and "Microsoft Redistributables" are usually already installed on your computer. To simplify the installation process, they are not automatically selected for installation. Please only activate these options if requested by the Moticon support.

  4. Select a destination folder to store the program and click 'Install' to start the installation.

  5. When the installation has finished, click 'Close' to complete the process.
  6. Please connect the ANT Stick delivered together with the system to your computer.


    Make sure to always connect your ANT Stick before starting the Moticon Science Software.

  7. Now, please open the program by double-clicking on the newly created shortcut on your desktop.

  8. To start working with the software you have to activate your license first. See the following section License.


There are different license types available for your product line: Science, Science Pro and Science Pro+.

The available functions in the software vary according to the license type.


Make sure you have connected the ANT Stick to your PC before starting the software.

Please see the following instructions or watch our video tutorial to activate a license:

  1. Plug in the ANT Stick and start the software.
  2. Open the Menu by pressing the respective icon in the top left corner of the software.
  3. Select License in the drop down menu.
  4. A dialog pops up. Your ANT Stick number is indicated in the first line (in this case: 225). Type in your license key in the second line.
  5. If the entered license key is valid, a green information window appears in the lower right corner of the screen to confirm the activated license. The activated license type is also indicated at the end of the text field.
  6. Quit the dialog by pressing 'OK'.

Trial license

The above login screen can also be used to activate your trial license, in case you are a registered trial user. Then, no ANT stick is required. This requires an Internet connection.


Please help to improve the Moticon software by providing anonymous crash reports, software issues and hardware status information. This will not transmit any measurement data.

To do so, activate the corresponding checkbox in the settings screen.

To faciliate customer support, please also provide your email address as service ID. statistics