Frequently Asked Questions

Sensor insoles

The Moticon Science Software requests a firmware update of the sensor insoles. How do I do that?

For further information on how to update your sensor insoles' firmware, please see Sensor Insole Firmware Update.

A firmware update of an sensor insole fails. How can I recover the insole?

First make sure only one sensor insole has a battery inside. After that try to do a normal firmware upload again. If that fails, do a firmware recovery. Please start FW Recovery and remove the battery of that sensor insole and insert it again. The firmware upload process should start immediately and update the sensor insole with the latest firmware.

No connection to one sensor insole or a pair of sensor insoles.
What's the durability of the sensor insoles?

The durability is about 200 km in running. Usage in walking, skiing etc. increases the durability. More important is careful handling. Incorrect handling may cause defects earlier.

On what kind of physical principle do the pressure sensors of the sensor insoles work?

The principle is capacitive.

What's the radio standard the sensor insoles use?

It's ANT radio (2.4 GHz).

What kind of pressure data do the sensor insoles provide?

The sensor insoles provide pressure data in N/cm² or in kPa.

Is it necessary to calibrate the sensor insoles after usage?

For daily usage it's not necessary to calibrate the sensor insoles before each measurement. Due to normal wearout, it can be necessary to send the sensor insoles back to Moticon for a new calibration after a while to guarantee accuracy.

How to disinfect Moticon sensor insoles?

Moticon recommends the use of disinfection spray based on the active ingredients didecyldimethylammonium chloride and ethanol, which is approved for Moticon sensor insoles.
An example shoe disinfection spray is available from Hygiene Factory (Neustadt, Germany).
Alternative disinfection shoe sprays based on the same active ingredients may also be used.
For further instructions, please consult the sensor insole Instruction Manual (available on, and pay attention to the safety instructions provided by the disinfection spray manufacturer.

Moticon Science Software

What are the minimum system requirements to run the Moticon Science Software?

At least Win7, Intel i5, 4GB RAM, 10GB HDD, DirectX9.

After installation, the software window does not show up. It does, however, appear in the list of running programs when using Alt+Tab, and it also appears in the task bar.

The Moticon Science Software window is minimized, which may in particular occur when using external monitors. Select the program using Alt+Tab, and then hit Windows+Arrow up (or Arrow right) to maximize the software window.

After installation, the software window does not seem to start up. There are "OpenGo" processes in the Task Manager, but no OpenGo program window shows up, not even when skipping through the running programs using Alt+Tab. Also, OpenGo does not show up in the task bar.

Check the Internet Connection Settings of Windows. Make sure that "Automatically detect settings" is checked and that no proxy server is set up. Make sure that no firewall is blocking traffic from the Moticon Science Software.

No visualization of 2D or 3D widgets.

This could be a problem of the DirectX driver. Please check the compatibility of your system with DirectX9 and update your graphic drivers.

Comparing measurements

Cannot use compare mode in Analyze.

You have to select two measurements, the function does not work with folders.

Record mode and frequency

What's the highest possible sampling frequency?

50Hz with full sensor setup (16 sensors) or 100 Hz with half of the sensor setup (8 sensors).

What's the delay of the data displayed in the software in live mode?

Since the Moticon Science Software isn't made for real-time applications, this delay is not defined at the moment. It depends very much on the hardware components of the system, but it's very close to realtime.


How accurate does the sensor insole data fit to imported barcode-synchronized videos?

For short measurements it's accurate frame by frame. Only for longer measurements (> 15 minutes) the data can drift away for a few frames with increasing measurement time.


How can I import external data (e.g. EMG, force plate, ...)?


Is it possible to export calculated values like COP or total load?

Yes, it is included in the Text Export.