Analyze Screen

The Analyze section holds extensive tools to manage, edit, process and inspect the recorded sensor data.


Some optional functions may not be available, depending on your type of license.

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On the left hand side of the Ribbon Bar, different functions to organize and manipulate measurements can be found. The Dashboard Button is used to configure the dashboard. The Settings Button is used to configure new data channel clusters for the Cluster function.

The Measurement Tree on the left-hand side of the screen allows you to organize the measurements according to your needs.

The Analyze section allows you to attach patient information to folders. In addition, you can use the 'Notes' column in the Measurement Overview to annotate measurements, separately.

The Play Bar located at the bottom of the window is used to replay the measurement and to automatically zoom in a 2 sec. time frame. You can select the speed of the replay by pressing the circle at the very left end of the bar.

To view a single measurement, double click on it in the measurement overview or select it in the measurement tree.

To get a quick overview on how to use this section, we recommend you to check out our video tutorial available online.