Organizing Data

In order to match your needs concerning the organization of measurement data, Moticon Science Software provides different functions, all explained here.


Some optional functions may not be available, depending on your type of license.

What are you looking for?

Measurement Tree

The measurement tree contains all measurements stored in the current go file, the videos folder as well as access to the Moticon cloud server. Use the Measurement Tree Button in the ribbon bar to hide/show the measurement tree.

To rename a measurement or folder, select the respective item in the measurement tree and press 'F2' on your keyboard or double-click on it. Move measurements and folders by drag & drop. To select two or more measurements, either tick the Multiple Selection Checkbox at the bottom of the measurement tree or hold the 'Ctrl' or Shift key while selecting the measurements.


Common shortcuts such as copy, paste and cut can be applied as well.

Data Organization Button

This button is a so-called split button. If you click on the lower part of the button saying 'Duplicate', a drop-down menu opens. Here, various functions to organize your measurement data or import external files are offered:

'Duplicate' duplicates a measurement or even an entire folder.
'Merge' unites the left (right) datagroup of one measurement with the right (left) datagroup of another measurement.
'Concatenate' connects two or more measurements one after another and assembles them into one measurement.
The created data is filed in an additional folder, named 'Output'.
If you're interested in any of the other functions available, please refer to the respective chapters: Import, Edit Channels.


The 'Merge' and 'Concatenate' functions are only available if at least two measurements are selected.

New Folder

Use the New Folder button to create a new folder within the currently selected folder in the measurement tree.


Use the Delete button to delete measurements or folders.


The Patient button is used to personalize folders and subfolders. You can enter patient details such as name, age, weight, and size and annotate further notes.


The Patient button can only be applied to folders. If you want to annotate single measurements, please use the 'Notes' column in the Measurement Overview which appears when clicking on a folder in the measurement tree.


Save your measurements and inherent videos as go file using the Quick Save Button or the 'Save/Save As...' function in the Menu.

Quick Save button

Menu button