The Analyze section features several functions to inspect and process the recorded measurement: basics such as cut/crop, productivity functions like average/maximum pressure distribution and enhanced features like a measurement compare view with synchronous replay. Furthermore it is possible to import external data, mark special events or even edit data channels.


Some optional functions may not be available, depending on your type of license.

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Measurement Overview

If a folder is selected in the Measurement Tree an overview of all contained measurements is displayed to the right.

Important measurement characteristics can be deduced from the first six columns, e.g. if the measurement was cut and/or if a video is included. In addition, the date of creation and duration of the measurement, the recording type and rate as well as the sensor insole size are displayed for each measurement. The last two columns are meant for tags and notes.

Double-clicking on a measurement will open the measurement. Alternatively, the measurement is opened when selected in the measurement tree.


The Analyze section holds extensive tools to inspect and process the recorded measurements. The functions are available as buttons in the ribbon bar.

Cut and Crop

Using the Cut function will delete the marked area in the measurement. Using the Crop function will keep the marked area and cut out the rest.


To use the functions Cut and Crop, the Line Graph widget should be displayed in the dashboard.

To select the area you want to cut/crop in the line graph, hold your left mouse button while drawing the cursor over the desired area in your measurement. You can move the boundaries afterwards with the double-headed arrow, which appears when you mouse over the respective limit.

Line Graph widget with marked area:

To facilitate correct positioning of the cursor, we recommend to zoom the measurement. Therefore, use the Zoom symbol in the play bar, the plus and minus zoom buttons located next to the axes or move your mouse cursor over one of the axes and turn your mouse wheel.


This function creates a snapshot of the sensor data at defined moments. Position the cursor at the point of interest and click on the Snapshot Button. The produced data will be stored in the 'Output' folder.


Using the 'Mean/Max' button, the mean or maximum pressure distribution of an entire measurement or of a marked area can be calculated. The generated data is stored in the 'Output' folder.

This button is a so-called split button. If you click on the lower part of the button, a drop-down menu opens where you can select the required function. Clicking on the upper part of the button will execute the function.

Add Event

This function is explained separately in Events.


This function is used to display an individually created cluster of left or right data channels.
A cluster represents the sum of it's individual data channels.
At choice are single pressure sensors, but also all other sensor data available in the measurement (acceleration etc.).

To create a new or edit an already existing cluster click on the Settings button on the right hand side of the ribbon bar. A dialog appears:

To display a created cluster in the Line Graph widget, follow these three steps:

  1. Click on the lower part of the Cluster Split Button and select one of the created clusters in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the upper part of the cluster button.
    A green note in the dashboard's lower right corner indicates the successfull addition of your cluster.
  3. Now, go to the line graph's widget setting to tick the respective checkbox in section Other.

Max PC

The function Max PC creates two new data channels:

Click on the 'Max PC' button to create these additional data channels.
To display them in the line graph widget, go to the widget's settings and tick the respective chechboxes in section Other.

Compare functions

In Moticon Science Software it is possible to compare measurements.

To select two or more measurements, either use the Multiple Selection Checkbox at the bottom of the Measurement Tree or hold the 'Ctrl' or Shift key while selecting the measurements.

Whenever more than one measurement is selected, the Compare View Button appears on the right side of the ribbon bar. Press this button to display all selected measurements, one below the other.

To switch back to the Single View mode, press the button once again.

To display the difference of two mean or maximum pressure distributions, there are two options:

The generated data will be stored in the output folder.

The Diff Button is a so-called split button. If you click on the lower part of the button, a drop-down menu opens where you can select the required function. Click on the upper part of the button to execute the selected function.


The Diff functions are only available if two or more measurements are selected.