In order to tag your measurements, special events or add annotations, the event functionality can be used. You can either directly use it while recording (Event widget), or afterwards when inspecting the recorded measurement (function Add Event). To enable editing of your marked events, a function called 'Edit Channels' is available in the drop-down menu of the Data Organization Button.


Some optional functions may not be available, depending on your type of license.

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Add event

Marking events in the recorded measurement can be realized using the 'Add Event' function in the Analyze section.

  1. Move the cursor to the position at which you would like to create an event.
  2. Press the Add Event Button.
  3. A dialog pops up:
  4. Choose an 'Event Group'.


    It is only possible to choose a certain event group if more than one is defined in the Edit Channels dialog.

  5. Specify an 'Event Name' and 'Event Value'.

  6. Click 'Add Event' in order to create the event at the current cursor position.
  7. The created event is displayed in the Line Graph widget as a small dot with a label above it. A second y-axis will be displayed on the right hand side of the line graph, associated with assigned event number. This is due to the fact that event values are always dimensionless.


    In case you can't see the event, please make sure you activated the corresponding data channel in the widget settings. If you're not familiar with these settings, please follow this link for further information.

  8. To edit events, use the Edit Channels function.

Edit Channels

The Edit Channels function enables you to edit and delete event groups or single events. This function can not only be applied to created 'Events', but also to the calculated left and right total force of the 'Sensor Insoles' and 'External' data channels.


This function allows for the manipulation of 'Events' created in Analyze, as well as those events marked in the Record section. The only difference for the 'Sensor Insoles'/'External' data channels is that, here, only channel groups can be edited or deleted, not individual values (use the cut/crop tools to this end).

The following instructions illustrate an exemple of the editing process of the events channel:

  1. Click on the lower part of the Data Organization Button.
  2. Select the function 'Edit Channels' in the drop-down menu.
  3. Press the upper part of this button (the so-called Action Button).
  4. A dialog pops up. Use the menu on the right hand side to switch to the 'Events' section:
  5. The upper list box displays all event channel groups. The lower list box shows all events of the group selected above.
  6. Use the respective buttons ('New', 'Edit', 'Delete') to add, edit or delete channel groups or single events.