The cloud functionality within Moticon Science Software and the Moticon mobile app can be used to upload, download, and share measurements.


Up to now you can only upload/download measurement files, but no videos or report data.

To manage not only your data but also users and their rights please go to

Moticon Science Software

To use Moticon cloud within the desktop software, please go to the Analyze section and click on the cloud symbol in the measurement tree.

Click on Cloud Settings to enter your user credentials and log in to Moticon cloud.

You can now synchronize your cloud's folder structure and included measurements by pressing the Refresh from Cloud button. Please note that this won't up- or download any files.
Drag and drop the .go files you wish to upload to the corresponding cloud folder. Up to now the files are only locally stored in a "cloud" folder, which isn't synchronized with the cloud yet.

File upload

There are two options to upload your files:

File download

There are two options to download your cloud files:

Moticon Mobile App

The Record to Cloud recording option of the mobile app will directly upload a live capture measurement to the cloud when data collection has stopped. The files will either be uploaded using a WiFi or a monile internet connection. The file appears in the desktop software in the cloud folder 'mobile' after pressing Refresh from Cloud.

After selecting the 'Record to Cloud' mode and a pair of sensor insoles go to the Settings to enter your username and password as you did in the software.