Welcome to the Moticon Portal documentation

This documentation aims to provide profound knowledge of the Moticon Portal related processes. The documentation's structure is based on the user interface of the portal's web front-end to simplify the navigation.

Using the 'Search' function you can also browse the documentation by key words.


The first section gives a step-by-step explanation of the three different registration process types.

Customer Portal

The section Customer Portal provides you with an overview of the Moticon Customer Portal. The Moticon Customer Portal lets you browse your inventory and license keys, download Moticon desktop software and mobile app and much more.

File Sharing Portal

The section File Sharing Portal provides you with an overview of the Moticon File Sharing Portal (also called Moticon Cloud). In this portal you can manage your uploaded files, define accesses for different users and much more.

Password Recovery

If you forgot your Moticon Portal password, check out the Password Recovery section for a step-by-step description on how to reset your password.