What are your support policies?

Moticon offers a yearly support service which includes help for your initial system setup (online, not on site) and support from our support team through our online support ticket system. This service is mandatory for one year if you are a first time customer. The Moticon Support Service is not a subscription. We will inform […]

Do I have to pay for software updates?

Moticon offers a yearly software update service which includes all updates of the Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software. This service is mandatory for the first year and if you are a first time customer. However, you may continue to use your last version of the desktop software. You just don’t get any more updates. The Moticon […]

Do you offer support for IRB and study design?

Yes, our team has been working with our customers in various fields on IRB approvals and on how to properly design clinical studies using Moticon products. Our experience includes research on endpoints for gait stability in the pharma industry, functional outcome assessment for trauma and total joint replacement patients and rehabilitation programs. We also supported […]

What are the minimum system requirements for the desktop computer?

The Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software is currently only available for Windows operating systems. Minimum system requirements: Windows 10 Intel i5 or equivalent 4 GB RAM 1 GB HDD DirectX9 Back to FAQ overview

What are the minimum system requirements for the mobile phone?

The Moticon SCIENCE Mobile App is currently only available for Android operating systems. System requirements: Mobile Phone OS: Android 9 (Pie) or higher Bluetooth: BLE 5.0 or higher See desktop computer requirements Back to FAQ overview

Can I synchronize Moticon SCIENCE data with other systems?

There are a 3 options how you can synchronize data from Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles with other systems’ data like EMG, force plates or IMUs. Sync external data using Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software UDP protocol import or TXT import of 3rd party raw data (EMG, IMU, etc.) UDP import works in real-time Sync Moticon data […]

Are Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles certified as medical products?

No. Moticon SCIENCE products are currently not certified as medical products according to ISO 13485 and related product norms. Moticon held a certificate as medical device manufacturer between 12-2016 and 03-2019. We are seeking to regain the certification for our new products again, but there is no concrete timeline at this point. Please contact us for further […]

Which wireless standard do you use?

There are 2 answers to this questions. To connect Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles to a mobile phone and to control measurements with the SCIENCE Mobile App, we use a Bluetooth Low Energy Connection (5.0)Once you want to transmit sensor data which was previously recorded on the on-board memory of the sensor insoles, or you want […]

Which sizes can I get?

Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles are available in 9 different double sizes. To get an overview, visit the specifications page. In addition, we have prepared a fitting guide to make sure you are able to select the correct sizes for your needs. Download Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insole Fitting Guide Back to FAQ overview

Do you offer warranty?

Due to the nature of the sensor insoles, we cannot offer a general warranty in the sense of free of charge product exchange. We ensure perfect function before dispatching our products to customers and we specify a typical durability. However, Moticon offers an attractive product replacement service. For a period of 12 months after purchase, […]

How durable are Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insole?

Use it, squeeze the outmost out in action, but treat it with care when inserting Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles into a shoe or taking them out! The typical durability of a Moticon Sensor Insole is 100km (60mi) walking. Highly dynamic applications like trail running may lead to a reduced durability. For slow walking, the durability […]