The first steps of Moticon were taken in the Olympic Center in Munich. Working in this inspiring environment, our founders Maximilian, Florian and Robert came to the realization that professional motion analysis yields valuable insights for athletic coaching and patient treatment – so long as it is practical enough for use in the real world.

In 2011, they started on their journey towards developing a groundbreaking wearable product that is able to replace complex technology more suited for laboratories. And as humans still walk upright, it was a logical step to go for a sensor insole that analysis foot dynamics.

Who we are

We are an enthusiastic team specialized in professional, wearable products for sensing foot dynamics in the sports and health space. Moticon is fundamentally changing the way professional motion analysis is conducted. This allows us to help enhance the quality of motion of patients and athletes, enabling them to feel fitter and healthier.

Our mission

Our products are the most elegant and efficient way to improve performance, prevent injuries, and accelerate return-to-play. We make a highly sophisticated technology that is accessible to every professional in healthcare, industry and sports. This enables superior evidence based coaching and treatment for the perspective of real-life, rather than in the lab.


Moticon revolutionized professional wearable technology with the introduction of the first fully integrated OpenGo Sensor Insole for motion analysis in 2013. Our management and board team consists of people who have helped pioneering this market from day one.

Dr. Maximilian Mueller

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Robert Vilzmann

Chairman of the board
Head of Research and Design

Andre Zschernig

Board Member

Florian Zierer

Board Member
Senior Software Developer


“It is Moticon’s core competence to design and produce the best wearable sensor insoles on the market. If we want to live up to this claim with all vigour, then we must ensure that we own the production know-how to stay top notch. This is no commodity technology, it is specific, and we may not let others compromise on how things are to be done.”

Dr. Maximilian Mueller, CEO

1. Quality Assurance

Moticon products ship to some of the most demanding applications in the space of clinical research, biomechanical motion analysis and athletic training. We implemented continuous, database supported monitoring of all quality assurance tests in our production to ensure the highest quality standards.

2. Process Know-How

Moticon has built specific know-how and machinery to produce pressure sensors, flexible electronics and wearable assemblies. We apply state of the art technology and materials, combine it with own technology and tune it for volume production to achieve the best price-performance ratio for our hardware products.

3. Productivity

Our production is tuned to efficiency and automation, but we highly appreciate the dedication and importance of our production team as with respect to the output and outcome quality. Working on a wearable product incorporates some degree of manual work and the seamless and efficient combination of machine work with manual work is a key success factor.

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