Sensor Insoles

For Research

The most elegant way to carry out professional gait and motion analysis.

Sensor Insoles

For Research

The most elegant way to carry out professional gait and motion analysis.

Moticon technology powering research

Since 2012, Moticon is revolutionizing the market of mobile motion analysis based on its completely wireless SCIENCE Sensor Insoles for research in performance sports, for clinical trials and for patient monitoring.

Change the lab for the field!

Moticon offers smart insoles for gait and motion analysis in research.
We solve the problem of laboratory limitations by offering a motion analysis lab which can be inserted in the shoe.

Use the Moticon SCIENCE toolkit and our smart insoles to track long-term gait profiles. You can create automated reports to obtain actionable information. Or investigate in running or jump technique and other sports specific motion types. Finally, add videos to perfectly understand the biomechanics of motion.

Most versatile usability

The Moticon SCIENCE product line enables a wide range of applications. Select your topic of interest and learn more about unique features.

Sports Science

Your passion is to help improving athletic performance. You want to escape from the chains of artificial lab setups to acquire real sports data in the field. You need a durable, non intrusive and precise insole based measurement system to capture forces, pressure, timing and motion trajectories.

Clinical Research

You are at the forefront of clinical gait research. Your goal is to improve clinical outcome assessment 

SDK Integrations

You want to realize your own application. What’s missing is an industrialized wearable device for sensing foot dynamics, open interfaces and a well documented SDK. Contact us and we will help you to enhance your business with the most advanced sensor insole system on the market.

Robotics & Artificial Intelligende

You need accurate, real time kinetic and kinematic foot data for your human robotics project. Or you work on related topics at the interface of human motion, machine learning or artificial intelligence, based on motion patterns. Moticon’s sensor insole delivers all that. 

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