Sensor Insoles For Research

The most elegant way to carry out professional gait and motion analysis.

Sensor Insoles For Research

The most elegant way to carry out professional gait and motion analysis.

Change the lab for the field!

Moticon offers smart insoles for gait and motion analysis in research.
We solve the problem of laboratory limitations by literally providing a motion analysis lab which can be inserted in the shoe. The sensor insole’s measurement technology is completely integrated and wireless. On top of pressure distribution and force readings, these wearable devices also deliver spatial parameters such as stride length, walking speed and distance.
This opens an entirely new, evidence based approach for real life testing.

Revolutionize your outcome assessment!

Use the Moticon SCIENCE toolkit and our smart insoles to track long-term gait profiles. You can create automated reports to obtain actionable information. Or investigate in running or jump technique and other sports specific motion types. Finally, add videos to perfectly understand the biomechanics of motion.
Simply put, you will get hold of groundbreaking new insights for your research.

Drug, implant & rehab efficacy

Standardized analysis of clinical endpoints

Longterm gait & activity monitoring in daily life

Evidence based insights instead of singular tests in a lab

Proven excellent compliance of the wearer

Training intervention & risks of injury

Effortless baseline tests and monitoring of progress

No biasing of the athlete’s motion during action

Parallel testing of athletes streamlines workflow

An unlimited number of Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles can be used in parallel for gait or motion analysis

Excellent retest reliability for objective performance and risk assessment

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