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OpenGo science


Wirelses measurement of foot pressure for motion analysis

OpenGo science is a system for the measurement of plantar pressure distribution that is universally applicable and open for application developers. It is ideal for the use in clinical research as well as for sports science, and particularly in the fields of rehabilitation and training analysis it is the perfect solution. The product package includes the wireless sensor insoles for data acquisition, the analysis software Beaker as well as an ANT enabled USB flash drive for the data transfer. In live mode, the sensor insoles can transmit the measured data directly to the PC. Equipping the test person with a large number of wires is no longer necessary, which saves the researching physicians and sports scientists valuable time.

Sensor Insole

On sensitive Insoles

Simple and Flexible

This is what Moticon stands for, and this is also reflected in the versatile and programmable sensor system OpenGo science. At the core of the system there is a functional, fully integrated sensor insole which can be put into virtually any kind of shoe. The sensor insole is completely wireless and has no switches. It gets activated auto-
matically as soon as the user starts moving, and analyzes the foot pressure distribution, the strain on the leg as well as the acceleration of the foot.

Ansicht von Oben

Two particular surfaces

The sensor insole is available with two different covers: the Alcantara design cover for the perfect feeling when exercising, and the Eurolinea cover made of imitation leather for simple disinfection when used for clinical applications.

Ansicht von Unten

Comfort = Design³

The sensor insole by Moticon does not only look good, being ultra thin it also has a perfect fit and gives the user a comfortable, unaltered feeling when wearing it.


USB ANt stick

Enabling the easy transmission of data

Wireless data transmission

The included USB ANT stick enables the transmission of the measured data from the sensor insole to the PC. Thereby, real-time analyses in the laboratory or on the treadmill can easily be conducted in the live mode, without impairing the test person in any way. When using the extended version which includes the recording mode, measured data can also be transmitted from the storage of the sensor insole to the PC via the USB ANT stick.

Beaker Software

An Abundance of Opportunities

Beaker Software
Beaker Software

The included PC-software Beaker does not only convert raw data into clear graphs, but it also offers an abundance of opportunities when it comes to output files. The software manages the pressure data measured by the sensor insole and provides it in 2D or 3D graphs. Even the acceleration of the foot can be visualized. Through the simple data management, test values of several people can be managed easily, which is of particular benefit for physicians and scientists conducting comprehensive studies.

Product Case

A Robust Case for Valuable Technology

Produkt Case

Storage and protection

The handy product case that is included when you initially purchase an OpenGo science system, protects your OpenGo science components on the go or when you store them. Further cases can be ordered when purchasing further sensor insoles.